Jacket: Custom made by Stone's father.

American Apparel

Fighting words! But, it's the font that I love.

(Photo courtesy of

MAAS & Stacks | San Francisco Menswear Boutique

The works of Vancouver designer, Dana Lee, are prominently displayed in this store.

Nike Flyknit Collection

Black Stone Press

Nestled away amidst the tourist hustle of Granville Island, we have David Clifford and Yasmine Franchi, geniuses behind Black Stone Press. Javier Campos of Campos Leckie Studio suggested that I have some business cards made for the website and we looked no further than Black Stone.

David and Yasmine are kind, meticulous in their trade, and oh so talented. Vancouver, if you need cards made, I recommend David and Yasmine.

Thank you both for your beautiful work, and to you, Javier, for the photo documentation.



Adidas track pants with Birkenstock London's


Lee | Style Feature of the Week


Vancouver | Winnipeg | Comme des Garcons

Does anyone remember the Winnipeg Skating Shelters?

In 2010, Vancouver-based firm Patkau Architects designed and constructed a cluster of intimate skating shelters. Each shelter formed of thin, flexible plywood was given both structure and spatial character through bending/deformation. They are grouped in a small ‘village,’ with their backs to the wind like buffalo, seeming to have life and purpose as they huddle together shielding each other from the elements (Patkau 2011).

It comes with little surprise then that Rei Kawakubo, genius behind Comme des Garcons, would have her eyes set on something so exquisite for her new retail emporium at the Dover Street Market Ginza in Tokyo. Patkau was hired by Kawakubo to 'reinterpret the sculptural bent plywood skating shelters in steel' for her change rooms (Hodge 2012).

According to a Patkau associate who had flown to Tokyo to meet with Kawakubo, she asked him and his co-workers to perform - quite literally - lifting, moving, and 'dancing' through the possible positions of where to place the steel structures. During this 30-minute performance, Kawakubo had indeed found the perfect placement.

Thank you, James, for the inside scoop, we can't wait to hear more.
(Photographs by James Dow)

(Photographs by Billy Poh)


Natsumi (in a vintage Yoshi Kondo jacket) and Nicole (in all things Yoshi). Beautiful.

Arthur and Rose | A & R Alterations and Dressmaking

Nestled on the corner of 11th and Main Street, A & R is regular stomping ground for those sartorially inclined.

Rose learned the art of sewing at the age of 8. Her mother and both of her aunts were dressmakers in the Philippines. Arthur started tailoring clothes at the age of 14. After finishing high school and University, he met Rose during his government service in the province of the Philippines. From 1986-1990, Rose worked in Saudi Arabia as a seamstress for the princess. The following year, Rose and Arthur moved to Vancouver to work for an Italian tailor before starting their own business, A & R Alterations and Dressmaking.

If you want to perfect your denim, see Arthur. If you want to perfect your overall wardrobe, see Rose. There's nothing they can't do.


A.P.C. denim and some runners. I like the look.


Absolutely perfect.

Necklace: Mono Clothing
Shirt Dress: Henrik Vibskov
Leggings: Wolford
Shoes: trippen
Bag: Alexander Wang




Shoes: Roberto Ley
Socks: Superior Labor Socks
Jeans: wings + horns

Marni for H&M | Spring 2012


Margaret Howell for Alden Shoes

Incredible. Check out the other styles here.


Picture in Picture

Jacket(s): Barbour layered with a wool liner of a vintage French military trench coat from the 30s or 40s.
Jeans: Chimala
Boots: Paraboot
Location: Lighthouse Park


I know, this photo is blurry, but I couldn't resist Lydia's brown leather jacket and her white denim jeans. I'd love a re-shoot, Lydia.

Dear a common thread | vancouver,
I'm presently visiting my father in Athabasca, Alberta. I went to Mark's Work
Warehouse this afternoon. I was the only guy there trying Carhartt on for fashion.
Take care.

T-shirt over button-down

Rag & Bone | S2012Men

Richard Chai Love | S2012RTW

Not exactly winter, I know, so layer on a coat? This look is so simple and smart. Photos courtesy of


Coat: Dries Van Noten
Blazer: Transit
Cardigan: Acne
T-shirt: Cheap Monday
Jeans: Nudie
Boots: Vintage
Accessory: Golden Retriever

Cedar Shoe Trees


Blazer: Syngman Cucala
Pants: Nudie
Scarf: Vivante by VSA
Shoes: h by hudson



I've been seeing these shoes a lot lately. With rolled up chinos?

Over the shoulder


It's time to take out the Barbour. Yeah, I said it.


I love this look.

Shirt: Club Monaco
Pants: Wings + Horns
Socks: Moose print Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Frye
Watch: Timex

Artist in Studio | Jean Okada

I was drawn to Jean's designs the second I laid my eyes and hands on a few of her pieces inside stores like Eugene Choo and the Block. Jean was born in B.C. and grew up in Victoria. Upon finishing her degree in Fashion Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver, she started her womenswear line under her own name. This small atelier focuses on producing quality garments made locally, and utilizing hand treatments such as dyeing, pleating, and draping. Jean's creative passion and drive has led her to take on projects representing many facets of fashion and art, such as art show producer, television stylist and co-host, and film costumer.

This fall, Jean will be releasing her eighth collection. I had a chance to take a sneak peek inside her home studio. Jean is one of the most talented, meticulous and creative designers (not to mention one of the loveliest people) I have come to know.

Jean wearing one of her beautiful pieces.

Meet Gingher, Kai, and Ms. Paper Cutter

Some people hang clothes, some people hang patterns, Jean hangs both. So cool.

Jean and Mika on the roof deck.

The Peplum (top) and the Daytime Dress from the 2011 Holiday Collection.

I was completely mesmerized when Jean told me she made her own clothing tags. Using silk(y soft) ribbon, Jean hand-makes every single one. I tried my best to document this process. See below.




Fall shopping ...


Goodbye, Summer ...

Makie Alpaca Slippers


Clothes Hanger

Some of the cooler closet spaces I've seen around town.

Comme des Garcons double-breasted blazer. Beautiful.

Shades of brown

(From left: Swedish Hasbeens; Henry Cuir for Bacci's, dolce vita)

Comme des Garcons - ish

Bag: Original from Paris

Bag: Comme des 'inspired' version located in Vancouver's Chinatown (and for $300 less). Photo courtesy of J.O.


Overalls: Chimala
Jacket: Yoshi Kondo


I love Rodarte.

... I do too.

Just back from the cobbler
From left: Ann Demeulemeester, Henry Cuir for Bacci's, Marsell, Mia Limited Edition Combat Boot

The dark underside of fashion. (I just don't know how I let it get to this point).


Value Village. All of it.



Men's Rain Boots

And I am hoping we can put these away come tomorrow.

Boots: Bogs

Boots: Alden 'Indy' Work Boot

Shoes: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes: Vintage Nordstrom

Hunter and Xylia


Shirt: Men's Rag & Bone
Jeans: Rag & Bone
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Bike: Flying Pigeon

Artist in Studio | Hunter Mayer

I once mentioned at an earlier time that Vancouver 'was home to some of the most stylish feet' in the world. We owe our thanks to the lovely buyers in this town, but I also want to turn our attention to those who help keep our stylish feet in tip-top(y) shape.

Hunter is a high quality leather footwear, accessories, and jewelry designer, using traditional fabrication techniques from locally sourced materials in British Columbia (Apartment 5). He also comes highly-recommended at Both Feet On Main a popular shoe repair destination in this city.

I had the opportunity to photograph Hunter (and his beautiful partner, Xylia) one afternoon inside of their home/work space as well as at the shop (Both Feet On Main). Have you ever seen desert boots made from scratch? I have (see below).

Hunter is about as stylish, smart and talented as they come. Take a look at some of his works here.

Hunter engages in his initial prep for the making of his desert boots. His chopping block is exquisite. Not to mention his handmade wooden clock.

Shirt: Vintage Madras short-sleeve button-down. Handmade by Andrea Hilbrecht.
Bow tie: Andrea Hilbrecht.
Cashmere Cardigan: Brooks Brothers
Pants: Raf Simons replica double back-pocket denim. Handmade by Andrea Hilbrecht.
Shoes: Rachel Comey cut-out dress shoe.
Glasses: Paul Smith
Ring: Silver-leafed elk antler. Hunter made.

Silver-leafed elk antler ring.

Shoe patterns.

The priciest and coolest cat scratch post I've ever seen. Made from Acne and A.P.C. denim and nylon string. Lots of nylon string.

Handmade by Hunter and Xylia using a Hudson Bay Company blanket.

At Both Feet On Main Shoe Repair

SINGER - How good things happen.

Desert boot (pre-sole attachment)

... during sole attachment

Done! Perfectly Hunter-made.


One of the coolest Canada Post workers I've seen about town.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers



Sparkly Pink Chucks

Vintage Briefcase

We should all have one. Put your groceries in it ... it doesn't matter. Just get one.


Watch: Timex/J.Crew
Necklace: Anna DeCourcy
Rings: Sleep Standing Up, Anna DeCourcy
Jacket: Margiela
Dress: Alexander Wang
Shoes: Alexander Wang


Jonny and Ava

Matching crystals.

Summer Anklet


If I could do it all over again, I'd study Library Science. I could learn the Dewey Decimal System, hang out at the library, and hopefully find some bookstores with some smart and funny people who dressed well, and most of all, shared my appreciation for Paul Smith [eyewear].

Nautical Woman

Japan | Vancouver

The Powell Street Festival over the weekend makes me realize, once again, how vibrant the transnational connections are between Japan and Vancouver. As I walked through the Festival, I noticed how fashion and music, and the creative spaces and imaginings of here and there, kept threading into one another. One such notable example involves Vancouver-based singer/song-writer, Christopher Smith. Several months ago, Christopher was contacted by Konishi Yasuharu, then founder and producer of Pizzicato Five. Remember them?

Konishi was working on releasing his latest masterpiece with Universal Records under Pizzicato One: One and Ten Very Sad Songs, and asked Christopher to sing on the album. See Track 9 below.

Some would call it an honour, but to me, it's just plain cool. Growing up, my family and friends would joke: 'There's the Emperor, the samurai, the sumo, and then there's Konishi.' Okay fine, maybe it is an honour then.

A few weeks ago, I came across a feature that Honeyee, a popular Society & Culture web magazine in Japan, had written about Pizzicato One. It's all in Japanese, but still, have a look here.

comes with the fashion, the talent, and the cool.


The lovely designer behind Mono Clothing.


Jacket: Vintage
Pants: Zara
Suspenders: Vintage
Shoes: A gift from Poland
Sunglasses: Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier

Winner(s) of 'A Contest of Sorts'

Thank you Erin and Wendy for identifying the two gentlemen below: Shaka Maidoh, IT/Photographer, and Sam Lambert, designer for Oswald Boateng.

(Photo courtesy of Guerreisms)

Summer Fur

Happy Birthday, Natsumi!

Dress: Yoshi Kondo
Shoes: Vintage




A sweatshirt paired with shorts. All purpose wear for Vancouver's all purpose weather.

Sweatshirt: Dana Lee
Shorts: Burkman Bros
Shoes: Vintage


Katrine 2.0

Just yesterday, I catch Katrine smartly dressed in slouchy trousers and a classic white button down shirt (see below). Today, she's a bit more rock 'n' roll. Katrine just knows how to bring it ...

Sunglasses: Karen Walker



Watch: Georg Jensen

Artist in Studio | Anita Sikma

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Anita draws much of her inspiration from the prairies. Daughter to a mechanic of well over 30 years, Anita grew up playing with her father's tools - washers, gadgets - you name it. Her interest in jewelry design and metalsmithing began in her early 20s and continues well into the present.

As so much of Anita's expression is drawn from ideas of 'home,' I shot photographs of her inside the very nexus in which she finds inspiration.

Artist in Studio | Tannis Hegan

Tannis needs very little introduction. Her masterpieces speak for themselves. And she, of course, is so beautiful.

Yup, that's right. Those are coveralls.

Brown sandals made by Tannis.

A prototype of white leather espadrilles made by Tannis.

A Contest of Sorts

Hello Viewers,

I have seen photographs of these two dapper men (below) posted across a constellation of style blogs, but I have yet to figure out who they are. Any ideas?

How about a tad bit of information about them in exchange for a 1/2 pound of good coffee?

(Photo courtesy of the Tommy Ton)

(Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist)


Natural beauty. Oh, and just FYI ... Amy cut out a pair of men's loafers to make sandals.


I know better than to divulge this information, but here's a photograph of Steve taken with my first generation iPhone. My camera was out of battery, but I wanted to capture Steve as he was just returning from an afternoon hike in Lynn Canyon. This is beyond haute couture. I mean, why buy hiking boots if you can just duct tape your Oxfords?

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: 'I don't know, but I got them at Eugene Choo.'
Suspenders: Vintage
Shoes: Generic Surplus
Sunglasses: Ray Ban


Dress: Prada
Bag: Local Vancouver Designer
Shoes: A bargain find in Rome!

Summer Shoes

Not long ago, I asked the lovely Stephanie from Umeboshi Shoes what some of her favorites were for summer ... Here's what she had to say, or show, rather ...

Opening Ceremony

Rachel Comey - 'Not your ordinary sling-backs'



Dieppa Restrepo

Sunday Best

Hat: Vintage
Shirt: Chimala
Pants: Chimala
Shoes: Paraboot

Black and blue make turquoise.

Grayson and Ruth

A polka dress done right. And let's not forget the burgundy ball cap.

I saw it here and at Pitti ...

There were some magical style moments happening at Pitti Uomo this year. Thing is, they were happening here in Vancouver as well ... almost just the same.

Hannah with her Filson bag on Main Street.

And at Pitti.

(Photo courtesy of Tommy Ton at Pitti Uomo)

Mickey on Main Street.

And also in Milan.

(Photo courtesy of Stockholm Street Style).

This 8-year old boy on Main Street may have never heard of Pitti, but he is certainly ahead of his time. See below.

(Last three images courtesy of Tommy Ton at Pitti Uomo)

Summer Blues


Tapered and cropped heather grey jersey sweatpants.


Again, a heather grey jersey pant, but in a completely different style.



Trench: Somewhere in Hong Kong
Pants: JNBY
Shirt: Gravity Pope find
Shoes: Objects in Mirror


Shirt: A.P.C.
Shorts: Levis denim cut-offs
Shoes: Calvin Klein


I love how Katie's jewelry (almost) meets her high-waisted jeans.

T-shirt: American Apparel
Jeans: Vintage Wrangler
Shoes: YSL
Jewelry: Surface to Air; Pamela Love; some of her own personal charms; Anna de Courcy
Watch: Vintage Rolex


A onesie. That's all one needs for summer.

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Acne


So simple. So easy. So good.

Shirt: B.D. Baggies
Jeans: A.P.C.
Shoes: Common Projects


Nicely done.

Cardigan: Frank Leder
Shirt: Lova
Bow tie: Alexander Olch
Belt: Billy Kirk
Shorts: Burkman Bros
Shoes: Raphael
Glasses: Cutler and Gross
Handkerchief: Vintage

Fancy Feet

When I started photographing people on the street, one of the first things I noticed ... the shoes. Sure, there is plenty of MEC going on in this city, but there is also so much more.

Thanks to stores like Gravity Pope, Umeboshi and Bacci's, Vancouver is home to some of the most stylish feet ...

I suppose it all starts here ... with a pair of mini brown Oxfords.

Why buy one pair of white Zeha-Berlin Oxfords, if you can get three slightly different pairs, and a pair of $1 Chinatown wicker slippers?

Everyone needs Church's. Period. Just look at the heel.

Tri-coloured Oxfords. Different.

Wing-tips. Awesome.

Summer staple: Espadrilles


Clarks Desert Boots. Love them. And with burgundy socks, or a pair of Issey Miyake monochrome polka-dots ... are you kidding me?

I am noticing that brown Zeha-Berlin boots are a staple in this town.

Everyone says to match the purse with the shoes; or belt with the shoes, but I like the leather bracelet with the shoes combo.

White Paraboot. Full stop.

Black Zeha-Berlin Oxfords.

And if you can't get Church's, then get a pair of Alden's.

Coclico makes some cute shoes. But, those suede shorts?! Even cuter.

PRADA loafers. There's nothing else to say.


Effortless cool and so pretty.


Tad blurry photo, but Wendy's laughter makes up for it.

Jacket: S.W.O.R.D.
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Shirt: J.Crew
Pants: J. Crew (and tight rolled)

To see one of my favorite J.Crew moments, click here.


Canadian Tuxedo.

Jacket: Levis
Shirt: Fred Perry
Belt: Vintage
Jeans: Acne
Shoes: Vintage
Sunglasses: United Colors of Benetton


Chambray and khakis. Always and forever.

Shirt: APC
Pants: Unknown - but they have a cool pink inner lining.
Bag: Duluth Pack
Glasses: Beausoleil (Converted Sunglass Frames)
Watch: Casio
Boots: Wolverine


I love the variations of blue.


Dress: Acne
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Bag: Dana Lee

Sweat the Small Stuff

Today, I'd like to pay tribute to the finer details that personalize ones' style. They say 'don't sweat the small stuff,' but isn't that the stuff that matters? Take a look.

A bit of finders-keepers here. Brenna put this necklace together, even taking apart some eyeglass rims?!

Perhaps her watch is a tad too big, but I enjoyed seeing it over the cuff.

I can't keep up with all of Natsumi's fine details, but I can try ... Here, I was drawn to the medley of holes on the back of her denim jacket. Not to mention, her vintage Cyma watch from her Grandfather and her Burkman Bros bracelets.

Christopher's play on buttons was no accident. Again, so deliberate and so smart.

I love a nice watch. Here, Christopher displays a vintage Seiko, a medley of Burkman Bros bracelets, and his Anna de Courcy chain.

The brass clasp on Josh's chinos makes me want a pair. And the tad bit of turquoise you see on his belt is a result of the leather splitting apart. Broken chic.

I could say that I was drawn to all of Josh's beautiful clothing, but really, I was most surprised by his choice of pen.


Satyan makes his own shoes (among other things).


Gorgeously handsome.

Jacket: Unknown Japanese Designer
Shirt: Ike Behar
Jeans: APC
Shoes: Zeha-Berlin


Timeless beauty.


A twist on classics.

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Boots: Sebago

Christopher at Twigs Paper Foam

I ran into Christopher at the 221A Artist Run Centre exhibit Twigs Paper Foam at Emily Carr. His white 501's seemed to fit well into the space.


The daily grind can really wear on a person.

The Cheaper Show | No. 10


I love a man with Acne. And you should too.

Blazer/Shirt/Jeans/Sandals: Acne

It is always exciting when pieces of Jil Sander make their way to Vancouver. Remember this?

Tank: Local Vancouver Designer
Skirt: Jil Sander
Shoes: PRADA


Here is Ryan looking dapper in a burgundy corduroy blazer and dark grey trousers. His Alexander Olch bow-tie adds the most perfect touch.

The Prettiest Girl in the Room

He Wore Wedge Heels

...while toting vintage Gucci. Enough said.


I have heard of 'denim-on-denim,' but this is a whole new ball game.


So effortless in her cool. Carmen's style is edgy, bold and perhaps most impressively, consistent.

Shirt: Hidden Spectrum
Scarf: forte forte
Jeans: Acne Tubes
Socks: Antipast
Shoes: Jil Sander

Chelsa and Rob

I spotted this lovely couple from across the way. Chelsa's sheer tights and her trench coat [as] dress ... elegant and chic.

The Grey and Black Combo

I was quite drawn to this stylish duo. So much so, I rudely interrupted their morning coffee for a photograph. Bad form, I know, but just look at her dress, her tights and her boots. So neat.


Vancouver is a young city and young people like Isaac just know how to bring it.

Cardigan: Zara
Shirt: JNBY
Pants: Bogner
Sandals: Pierre Hardy
Sunglasses: Moscot
Jewelry: Local Vancouver Designers


Designers such as PRADA and Mugler have most recently put their spin on Creeper shoes, but I love these all black monk-strap Creepers that Zak has on here.


I am drawn to Wendy's preppy school boy attire and she adds in some flare with her mustard cords. Smart.

Pants: J. Crew corduroys
Boots: Bass & Co.
Oxford Shirt: Tuzzi
Blazer: Vintage from Ireland
Spectacles: Oliver Peoples


Erin's style is consistent and so impeccable.

Jacket: Barbour
Cardigan: Vintage Italian
T-shirt: Saint James
Belt: T-Leather
Pants: Club Monaco
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Rolex




Five words : head-to-toe-in-black. Another three words Vancouver : back-mesh-sweater.


Both Charlee and Alexa are on to something. Here, Alexa in (almost) all black on the sunniest of days. Love it.

Shorts: Mono
Boots: Trippen


Joyce's mix-matching prints were impressive enough. And then, I see her eyeglass chain.


If there was one figure threading us altogether in this town it would have to be Anita and company at Gene Cafe on Main Street. Situated on the corner of Main and Kingsway, I am hardly disappointed by what I see through the looking glass.

Anita is an integral part of our everyday, pulling some of the finest espresso for some of the most fashion conscious people out there in this town. It should come as no surprise that almost all of my photo subjects have been shot either inside or around Gene.

Not only is Anita one of the most beautiful baristas out there, she is also a talented jewelry maker. Take a look at some of her magic here.


Lisa is a fashion force of nature. Her style is effortless, elegant, and chic. Director of Les Gallery and an avid community gardener, Lisa knows how to dress the part.

I photographed Lisa in her garden, home to one of the most stunning vegetable gardens I have ever seen ... Her eco-friendly and DIY politics combined with an eye for fashion is inspiring and plain cool.

Outfit One:
Shirt: RRL
Over-shirt: Terre & Mer
Shorts: Gary Graham
Shoes: Cydwoq
Necklace: Anna de Courcy
Hat: Arts & Science (her new favorite brand)

Outfit Two:
Dress: Miller et Bertaux
Hat: Stetson
Necklace: Anna de Courcy

Janaki, Lola and Le Marche St. George

Tucked away amidst the residential neighbourhood of East 28th Ave and St. George is Le Marche St. George. This family-run neighbourhood cafe and artisan store is one of the hidden gems of Vancouver. Delicious lattes and pain au chocolat served in/on magical china, this is Vancouver at its best.

Be sure to say hello to Janaki and her beautiful daughter, Lola, both of whom are almost always draped in the most gorgeous linens, cottons and wools. Oh, and the lovely lady, Patricia (next photo), is Lola's grandmother. Need I say more?


Just perfect.


Growing up with older brothers made for some interesting 'hand me downs.' Perhaps this explains the soft spot I have for women in men's clothing.

I spotted Redia on the streets of Strathcona amongst a neighbourhood full of people dressed in Sunday's best. I was drawn to a pretty woman in Rachel Comey boots and a men's Patrik Ervell shirt.

But Redia knows style. A stylist and founder of 01 Magazine, she enjoys a playful mix of girl's and boy's clothing.

I photographed Redia inside her studio only to find our mutual friend, Josh, awaiting her for a haircut. Redia and I were formally introduced by Josh, who I suppose is now our common thread.

Shirt: Patrik Ervell
Jeans: Rag and Bone
Boots: Rachel Comey
Sunglasses: Karen Walker


I found it difficult not to develop a staring problem when Suzanne would walk into Gene almost every afternoon for a cup of coffee. First, her strikingly beautiful face; second, her brain; and last, her shoes. Suzanne, you always have such nice shoes.

Shoes: (Photo 1 | Cydwoq); (Photo 2 | something that magical pirates would wear)


The first time I laid eyes on Ron, he was wearing a bow-tie and ever-so-gracefully strolling down Main Street. It was a matter of weeks until I spotted him again. Ron is a Vancouver based artist and he is about as genuinely kind, witty and cool as they come.

Sunglasses: Kala
Shirt: Suit
Vest: BDG
Shorts: Toddland
Belt: Wood Wood
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Bag: Manufactum